Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chore Chart Update!

A week ago Sean introduced his new chore chart for the kids. He envisioned they would fill in the circles on the chart after they finished their chore. He wanted a nice, dark circle. I think the personalities of our children shine through by simply looking at how they filled in the circles:

First line: Michael. The first day he thought all Sean cared about was the circle was marked. Sean said he wanted it filled in. First born dutifully filled it in until Sunday when he his true feelings about the chart surfaced and he resorted to the X.

Second line: Amy. She was not about to simply darken her circle. She had to editorialize portions and draw pictures. She did conform for two days but with green and red ink but all that conformity was too much for her so she completely ignored the chart the following day even though she did her chore.

Third line: Rebecca. Tuesday’s drawing is the Volkswagen symbol. Wednesday’s an on/off switch. Thursday she picked a star. Friday she drew a container of Clorox wipes which she used to do her chore. Saturday a simple line did the trick. And Sunday, the last was first! Look at that smiley face.

I know Sean just wants them to color in the circle but the race is on now for the most creative circles.

All I can say is he asked for it!