Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pants in the light and other pictures from the weekend

I don’t know what it is about the entryway light but there’s some strange, magnetic pull that causes my little people to want to hurl stuff up there. This time, pajama bottoms. (Before it was a rubber duckie and Pooh Bear.)

I’m beginning to think I should just stay out of the kitchen. First I drop a cheesecake, then I get my hand stuck in a vase I was cleaning. As I stuck my gloved hand into the vase I said, “This is a bad move.” For a moment I thought I’d have to break the glass to get free but Sean helped get me unstuck.

I saw this at Home Depot on Friday. I am not ready for this. Of course, this week the most beautiful summer days we’ve had appeared and we spent our days inside doing school.

Did I mention I am not ready for snow throwers to be on sale? Basically I'm not ready to live in a state where such a heavy duty snow thrower is even available. Should be special-order only. This will be our fifth winter up here. Wonder if we'll ever get a snow blower or if Sean will continue to consider Michael all the snow moving machine we'll ever need...