Thursday, September 24, 2009

Like father like daughter

When Michael was three he could name almost all current cars, make and model. Sean would take him into a dealership and Michael would amaze the salesmen; Michael would run up to a car, call out to Sean, “Daddy, Pontiac Sunfire!” The sales guys didn’t believe that Michael really knew his cars so they’d try to stump him. No one ever did.

I thought it was a fun daddy/son thing then and Michael’s interest in all things motorized has not waned. The two of them read car magazines, leave articles out for each other, talk about cars as they pass by, tap on the window to signal a cool something driving past. It’s a wonderful common ground for my two guys.

I didn’t bargain on Rebecca getting into the act.

But she can hold her own as they name the cars or talk about which wheels they like. And she truly enjoys hitting the car shows with the guys; she’s intrigued by the artistry of the molding and the shape of the sheet metal. And I think she really likes hanging out with Dad and big brother.

Her favorite car has always been the Volkswagen Beetle. The old ones. Sean had several in high school, late ‘60’s models, and he has a soft spot in his heart for those Bugs. If he were to work for any other car company I think it would be Volkswagen… He passed on his love for the Beetle to Rebecca.

Yesterday she and I ran to the post office and in the parking lot sat a Bug. It was newer than Sean’s but still old enough for Rebecca to love. She asked if she could take a few pictures and as she was snapping away the owner of the car came out of the post office. He was in his mid-60’s and thoroughly enjoyed someone taking an interest in his car. She smiled at him and said, “I like your car.” He said, “Boys and their toys!”

We went about our business but Rebecca was totally taken by the car. She said, “Mom, I’m so glad we came to the post office when we did. Otherwise we would have missed the Bug.”

This is definitely beyond the point of liking something because dad or big brother does. She really likes cars because she likes them.

I know her dad, brother and grandfather will be pleased.