Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Good news!

You may recall last August I wrote about Sean being contacted by the national bone marrow registry, asking him to donate to an anonymous recipient. Sean, of course, said yes, and endured several weeks of uncomfortable treatments in order to donate to the man I named Zeke.

We were told we’d hear after a month how Zeke was doing. The transplant was in August and it's now November; obviously it’s been more than a month and we feared the worst. “Maybe they don’t want to call us with bad news,” I pondered.

But yesterday Sean heard from his bone marrow registry contact who told him Zeke is doing well! It appears his body has not rejected the new marrow and, we’re told, he is in good spirits.

We are anxious to contact Zeke and thought after the transplant we could but yesterday Sean was told we’ll have to wait the full 12 months before any type of communication can begin. I realize this is for everyone’s protection, but it’s still a total bummer. I’m not the best at waiting…

Sean’s contact person said she’d call us back in a few months to give us another progress report on Zeke. I’ll certainly pass along any news as soon as we get it.

I know many of you prayed for Zeke and Sean; thank you so much. I greatly appreciate those prayers, and I know Zeke’s family does, too. And if you’re still in the praying mood, our dear friend Bonnie received a BMT a month ago. I know her family would welcome any and all prayers on their behalf.

I believe healing is miraculous, whether it’s by divine intervention or medical technology. Thank the Lord for medicine and doctors and scientists who figure out all this stuff. That brain power was God-given, anyway, so really, it’s all from him.

Thanks again and stay tuned for more Zeke updates!