Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Thomas Sowell, one of my favorite columnists, occasionally dedicates a column to his random thoughts. I know he didn't originate the concept, but I did get the idea from him.

Our weather was bitterly cold last weekend but has warmed up during the week. The fact that I consider 20 degrees warmer weather concerns me greatly.

Can you believe the pictures coming out of Haiti? Unbelievable damage and destruction. Make my complaining about the weather feel petty.

Concerning The Kite Runner: While I didn’t like the story (I just couldn’t get past the main character’s choices), I’d give my right arm to have the writing ability Khaled Hossein has in the tip of his pinky finger. He can tell a story like nobody’s business.

I love Jeff Von Vanderen on Intervention. Just love him!

Trip to the dentist didn’t warrant the concern I had going in: no root canal needed, just a crown. I always thought crowns were for old people.

The second half of the school year is well underway. Amy has lots of reading to do, which means I have lots of reading to do.

Michael is about to pass the 6’ mark. He likes to stand next to me and tell me how short I am.

I can still do Rebecca’s math. Pretty sure she’ll pass me up with the 5th grade stuff next year.

I’m reading Julia Child’s memoir, My Life in France. She didn’t get her first cookbook published until after her 47th birthday. She is simply fascinating and a great encouragement to me.

Next on my reading list: SuperFreakonomics. I loved Freakonomics and can't wait to read the follow-up.

Detroit Auto Show next week. My two boys are thrilled, and believe me, that's an understatement. (Rebecca's excited, too.)

Amy and I will go to the show for a few hours, then skip out for some mother/daughter bonding at a large, indoor structure with (hopefully) lots of sales.

No snow in the forecast until the middle of next week, which is probably due to the fact that I finally bought a snow blower.