Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet tea Thursdays

Our church is right across the street from Michigan State University and has a fantastic ministry on the campus. One of the best aspects of the ministry, in my humble opinion, is getting the students connected with church families. This year Sean and I hosted six students twice a month for dinner and discussion and those Thursday nights became highlights of our month.

The students have crazy different majors from education to biochemistry (yikes) to PR which has led to great conversations. Our talks have run the gamut from killing and processing chickens to all kinds of math stuff and everything in-between. They’ve educated us on all the hip shows (Glee, anyone?) and music and reminded us that college students keep very different hours than do General Motors engineers working first shift. They’ve put up with my mediocre cooking, been kind to our kids and given us hope that at least some members of the next generation aren’t going to ruin our country.  And hopefully through all of it, we've given them a glimpse of what a marriage between two Christians looks like - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Lots of the good, a bit of the bad and some of the ugly...

Last Thursday was our final meeting of the year. We grilled hot dogs (all beef – I spared no expense) and enjoyed another evening of lively conversation. And when the clock struck midnight they headed out the door and as tired as I was I realized I was going to miss the heck out of those kids – and yes, I get to call them kids because I could technically be each one’s mother, a fact my actual kids find quite comical.

Mike, Du, Erin, Meagan, Andrew and Jessica, thanks for a great year full of fabulous every-other-Thursdays. We’ll miss you! Our door is always open to y’all. And remember, too, that yellow roses are for friends. That little nugget of floral wisdom will help you avoid a number of marital arguments. If, of course, that crystal ball of marriage turns out to be right.

Thanks for the flowers, sweet friends!