Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For Grandpa

Yesterday was the 7th annual Dewitt Car Cruise-in. We haven’t missed one since we moved here five years ago and we were there last night, along with nearly every other resident of our fair city.

I’ve been to hundreds of car shows since meeting Sean. Each show we attend he dreams about what car he’d like to have to enter; it’s usually a mid-60’s Pontiac or Chevy of some sort. Of course, his dream would be a ’63 Volkswagen Beetle. (His all-time dream car is a ’53 Buick Skylark, but they go for more than $75,000 so I don’t see that happening. Sorry, honey.) He loves going to the shows, but he really would love to have a car to enter.

An extra hobby car is not in our immediate future, so Sean will have to keep dreaming – or live vicariously through his son, because Michael entered his Fiero in the show last night! If only his Grandpa could have been here… He’d have been so happy for Michael. And I bet he would even have parked his 1959 Corvette right next to the 1984 Fiero.

So, Grandpa, since you weren’t there, here are some pictures of your grandson's first car show with his very own entry. Goodness knows he got these car-loving genes honestly!

Michael and his little car. The young boy behind him looked longingly at the Fiero for quite a while!

Amy and Sean and an Olds.

One of Grandpa's favorites: a Ford Thunderbird

1962 Corvette

Sean loves those big Olds'.  We actually had one of those - a two door gold 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale.  It was the most enormous car I'd ever driven.

Mid-60's Corvette

Before we had kids we almost bought the Pontiac version of this land yacht, which Sean always mentioned each time we see one like this.

After a while all the metal runs together so I appreciate this license plate - this one's a 1936 REO.

The white one's a Pontiac Bonneville.  The black one's Chevy.  The two boys are very happy.

Rebecca and an early '70's Bug.

It's not a '53 but Sean loved this Buick.

A big ol' Delta 88.

There were close to 150 cars there.  The cruise-in is no small affair!

Getting ready to head home.