Monday, June 21, 2010

I heart Pixar

Toy Story 3 raked in $109 million over the weekend, and we did our part to make it the number one movie. All five of us caught the 3:25 show Friday afternoon. Sean was able to get out of work early (thanks to Luke and Steve for hustling him out the door) and he met us at the theater where we expected to watch our old friends Woody and Buzz in yet another adventure.

We did not expect to bawl like babies.

The premise of the movie is Andy, Woody and Buzz’s owner, is heading to college. His mom makes him decide what to do with his toys – either he figures it out or she’s donating some and trashing the rest. No easy decision for the almost man who realizes the boy in him still has a soft spot for the cowboy and space ranger.

The original Toy Story came out in 1995, the year after Michael was born. We didn’t discover the movie until it was released on VHS (yes, children, we remember a time before the DVD player) the following year and Michael didn’t really get into it until he was four. By that time there was Toy Story stuff everywhere. The Disney store in the local mall had an entire Buzz and Woody section and we spent countless hours looking at all the Toy Story-branded playthings. He dressed up like Buzz and Woody – he had a red cowboy hat he’d wear as he ran through the house, flying Buzz to infinity and beyond.

Rebecca, Amy, and Michael with Woody
By the time Toy Story 2 came out in 1999 Michael was fully immersed in all things Toy Story. When I had Rebecca in 2000 he used the clear plastic dome that covered one of my hospital meals to make a Buzz-like shield that he wore for weeks. Rebecca was welcomed home by Michael, Amy and Woody. She (and Amy, for that matter) has never known a time without the cowboy, space man, dinosaur and pig.

Quite honestly, Sean and I can barely remember a time without those guys, either.

While I sat in the dark theater all I could think of was in two years I’ll be the mom walking in the room trying to figure out which toys go in the attic and which get pitched. And my little boy will drive off to college. And when Andy did that I absolutely lost it. Lost. It.

As I was trying not to sob too loudly I looked over at Sean who appeared on the verge of a nervous breakdown. At that point I got it together just enough to help him keep from dissolving into a big puddle of tears and snot. “Bite your tongue!” was all I could think to say, hoping that would keep the tears at bay.

Didn’t work. The two of us were just one big ol’ blubbering mess, right in the back of Eastwood Town Center’s movie theater #1. We were reduced to tears because what Andy’s mom faced is exactly what we'll face in two years.

We are not ready.

I want to see the movie again – you always catch more the second go-round. Plus, lots was blurry for me... But there is no way in the universe I’m risking another scene like the one we made Friday afternoon. I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD. Where I can blubber like a baby in the privacy of my own home.