Monday, June 07, 2010

Put That Mask Back On, For Crying Out Loud!

Last night Sean and the kids finally got to enjoy my Christmas present to them – tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera. They’ve been looking forward to seeing the show since they pulled the tickets out of their stockings. Even though Sean and Michael had both seen the show they were more than anxious to see the chandelier fall again. Amy saw the movie, so she knew the storyline and was excited to see it on stage. Rebecca had heard some of the songs but that was the extent of her exposure.

As for me, I’ve seen the stage production and the movie. And now I’ve seen the stage show twice, which is two too many times…

Even though Phantom isn’t my favorite, I was excited to see them see the show. I knew Sean and Michael would love it and probably appreciate it even more the second time. Amy’s in love with all things theatrical, so I was eager for her to see the elaborate costuming and sets. And I was happy Rebecca could say she’d seen it with everyone else. She hates it when the four of us have done something that she hasn’t.

Sean, Michael and Amy’s reactions were what I’d imagined: they loved the show. Rebecca’s response, however, was different than I’d hoped: she was completely freaked out. From the chandelier’s first flash of light to the ending where the Phantom parades around sans mask, nasty face and crazy hair all out in the open for everyone to see, she was shocked. If we’d been in the balcony I think she’d have been fine. But we were in the 8th row, plenty close to see everything, including what looked like bloody scars criss-crossing the right side of the Phantom’s face after what’s-her-name rips off his mask.

(Okay, okay, I know her name is Christine. Who wouldn't after hearing Raoul sing it over and over and over.  And over.  Hey, Raoul - those vocal chords are for talking, too.  You don't have to sing everything.  Just saying...)

Rebecca spent nearly the entire performance grasping my arm and burying her face in my shoulder. The first half had moments that were enjoyable and didn’t seem scary at all but after the chandelier incident she didn’t take any chances – she held on tight. It took all of intermission for my fingers to feel the blood supply flowing again.

The second half was all scary to her and she was sure the minute she opened her eyes something dreadful would happen. By the end I wasn’t sure my right arm would ever regain circulation.

All the way home she kept saying, “Why did he have to look like that? He had a mask – he should have kept it on!”

“Best laid plans,” and “No good deed,” sayings fit in here, I believe.

When we got home she got herself a little snack and watched a few minutes of Anne of Green Gables. That seemed to take the edge off the Phantom’s scare factor. And thankfully she went right to bed and slept all night.

She’s already announced that Phantom is one musical she does not need to see again. Oh, baby, I am so with you on that.