Monday, September 06, 2010

One last hurrah

The end of summer is staring me in the face.  School starts tomorrow.  No, I am not going to the 7:45 am meeting.  Am. Not.

Anyway, knowing our late nights and late mornings were coming to an end, Sean and I packed a lot in our last weekend of freedom, starting with a Spartan football game:

This is a shot of the football-goers.  I took it from the driver's seat of my car as I dropped them off.  Each fall since we moved here Sean's taken the kids to one home game.  He's a good dad.

After church on Sunday we went to Uncle John's Cider Mill.  It's a fun place to go for the doughnuts and cider, but yesterday was also the Uncle John's Car Show:

This picture only shows half the cars. It was a big show. Big.

We looked at the cars for a while, took a doughnut break, then the girls and I sent the boys back out for more car viewing while we rode the tractor through the property.  Amy said she wished she could do the Detroit Auto Show like that - riding through the cars, carmel apple in hand.  Not a bad idea.

Today, Sean's at work for a bit and I have some work ahead of me because this weekend I discovered Rebecca has outgrown each pair of pants she owns.  Of course, Amy's hand-me-downs are about a year too big.  So I have to go shopping for pants for the child.  And for me, that is work.  I missed that shopping gene girls are supposed to have.

Hope your last-weekend-of-summer is going well.  Just think: only 266 days until Memorial Day...

Rebecca's favorite car of the show!

Thunderbird - Sean's dad would love this one.

When we moved here we were amazed by the number of car shows and the amount of corn fields.  Maybe that's why this picture makes me smile - a car show in front of a field of corn.  It certainly can't be the car making me smile, because that is one ugly Ford.

Another Rebecca favorite.

Y'all, car people are serious about their cars...

Michael on a doughnut break.

Amy and Rebecca with their caramel apples.

Two parents making the most of their last weekend of freedom. We're worse than the kids!