Wednesday, September 08, 2010

One day down, lots more to go

Day one of our seventh year homeschooling was a major success.

First day of school
Michael and Amy started their “school” yesterday.  We send all three to a homeschool school where we select the classes they take.  They meet once a week, a teacher teaches for 90 minutes and he/she assigns work to be done at home.  It’s a perfect set-up for this homeschool mom who does not feel the need to learn physics.  Michael’s taking American History and Chemistry; Amy has World History and High School Art.  (Rebecca will begin her classes there on Thursday; they split the kids up by grades, and 4 – 6 meets on Thursdays.  How can my baby be in 5th grade?)

My goal is to begin our school mornings with Table Time.  The four of us sit at the kitchen table and we start out with a devotion, then we review our schedule for the day.  Our devotion yesterday centered on our theme verses for the semester (“Do everything without complaining...”) and to add some joy to the morning, I sang what I deemed our theme song, a version of the verse we used to sing when the kids were preschool age.  Trust me when I tell you I was singing alone.  They just stared at me.  Michael did join in on the second verse but I’m sure it was only out of pity.

We got to school, Michael and Amy got to their classes and Rebecca and I headed home to work on her math – long division, ugh – and English.  We also had 30 minutes of reading time on the couch that nearly turned into nap time.  Definitely need to have reading time before lunch next week.

I picked the kids up and drove Amy to her volleyball game (they won) and drove home to find Sean waiting on us to have dinner.  Thank goodness for crock pots.  After dinner Michael and Amy and I went over the weekly work and filled out the assignment pads.  We were finished by 9 and I was in bed by 11.

And here we are on day two.  Off and running!

Maybe today they'll sing with me.