Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best Picture?

Of the ten films nominated for Best Picture Oscar, I've seen three, which is darn near close to a record for me.  Usually I hear about the nominees and wonder why I'd never heard of them before.  And while I've only seen three of the ten films nominated, at least I've heard of the others.

But I am conflicted.  Terribly conflicted.  Two of the nominees are perfect choices!  Is there any way two movies can tie for Best Picture?  Because that's what I'd like to see happen for The King's Speech and Toy Story 3.  

Sean and I saw The King's Speech recently and loved it.  Beyond loved.  It truly was the best movie I'd seen since I blubbered my way through Toy Story 3.  Which I loved.  Adored.  Would have kissed on the mouth had it been a person.  And Sean... Anyway, I love both of those movies and will be happy for either to win.  We saw Inception and enjoyed it but certainly don't think it rises to the level of either of the other two we saw.

So help me if that ridiculous Black Swan thing wins.  Don't go to the gutter, Oscar voters!  Don't do it!  What do you want filling your mind, a love story between a boy and his toys? A true tale of friendship between a King and a commoner? Or a story about a mentally deranged ballerina?

Hollywood is making family-friendly movies. Not many, but when they do they should be rewarded. Come on, members of the Academy.  Do the right thing - vote for The King's Speech or Toy Story 3.

(I am tearing up just watching the trailer!)

Seriously have a new-found love for Michael Keaton.