Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Not as bad as some feared...

But bad enough for me!  And bad enough to give Sean his first-ever snow day.  Lansing got 11 inches and all the schools are closed.  Even Michigan State University cancelled classes today, and that's only happened four other times in the history of the school.  So even by Michigan standards, this is a lot of snow.

Here's a shot of our front entrance.  The three steps leading up to our door are under there somewhere:

I took this hoping to show the snow pouring out of the sky this morning - you can't really see the snow falling but you can certainly see what's already fallen (and you can see my Chick-fil-A cow on the counter!):

The snow isn't the only problem - the wind is whipping around like crazy. This is a shot of our back deck this morning.  Notice there's not as much snow on the table as there was yesterday, due to the wild wind:

I have never been so glad we finally bought that snow blower!