Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Okay, folks, I am freaking out.  I've been listening to the weather reports saying a massive snow storm is coming.  But the weatherman's not always right, and I figured yesterday and today's reporting was a bit of hyperbole.  I mean, it's gotta get boring saying, "It'll be cold with flurries," every day for six months, so I can give Mr. Weatherman a pass if he gets excited over a possible snow event.

But I've just come back from Meijer (major grocery store chain up here) and it was slammed with people buying bread and milk and eggs.  Whoa nelly - if Michiganders are stocking up what the heck are we in for?

The reports say we could get 12 - 17 inches of snow.  Honestly, my mind cannot wrap itself around such numbers.  I've been here almost six years (holy cow...) and am finally able to cope with three inches.  But 12?  Even if we only get half that I'm not sure our little snowblower can handle it.

Good thing today was grocery day; I've got enough food for a week, unless Michael's really hungry.  Which he's going to be after he blows a foot of snow off our driveway.  I better go back to the store.

This is what my back deck looks like right now - that's a lot 
of snow!  I really cannot imagine a foot added to it.