Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

After watching me struggle with my old laptop, Sean got me a new computer this weekend.  I watched the Oscars while transferring files. Just a little mindless entertainment while I ripped out my hair trying to get Windows Live Mail to work with my Comcast account...

Randy Newman won the Best Song Oscar for "We Belong Together" from Toy Story 3. Michael and I watched him perform it - and I cried like a baby again! TS3 is a total tear-jerker for me.

Sandra Bullock did a great job with the Best Actor announcement.  I nominate her to host next year.

Yay for Colin Firth!  So glad he won.

How many dresses did Anne Hathaway wear?

Today is the last day of February. How the heck did we get to March, 2011 already?  I am definitely behind on a a few things.

My New Year's Resolution to say no more isn't really working out.  Neither is the resolution to clean the master bathroom.  I was afraid this was going to happen.

I am, however, going strong with my 2010 resolution to better accessorize.  That is way more fun that scrubbing the toilet.

A friend told me her resolution was to buy more shoes.  I think I'm going to ditch my resolutions and go with hers.

Do all girls go through a pot-holder-making phase?  Rebecca discovered Amy's old loom and has been crafting up a storm.

The most colorful pot holders in the world are in my kitchen.

Michael took the ACT a few weeks ago.  We are both anxiously awaiting his scores.

I must be really anxious to get his scores, because that came out of nowhere.

Michael, if you're reading this, don't interpret that as I'm worried about how you did.  Just wondering how far away those scores are going to take you.

I should not have watched the Randy Newman performance. And I should probably never watch TS3 ever, ever, ever again!