Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Be strong and courageous

My pastor, Kevin DeYoung, writes almost daily on his blog over at the Gospel Coalition.  His posts are thoughtful, well-formed, occasionally humorous, but always written with the Gospel in view. Over the weekend he commented on the new Rob Bell book, and today, continued his critique of what Bell says in the promotional video for his new book.  He also commented on those who say he shouldn’t comment on such things.

As of right now, he has over 150 comments, and 1,235 people have recommended today’s post on Facebook.

Y’all, to be recommended once on FB would thrill this little blogger’s heart.  And I often wish for that many comments.  But after reading some of his comments, I’m not sure I’m ready to be a big fish in the blogosphere’s pond.

All I can say is I hope Kevin’s wife doesn’t read the comments. While some are encouraging, others are full of vitriol and hate. If someone wrote that about Sean, I’d come out with my keyboard locked and loaded. Of course, Trisha’s much sweeter (and wiser) than I, so I don’t expect to see her name on a comment anytime soon…

I know Kevin doesn’t need me to defend him, but I can’t help myself. Because I have to believe that anyone who wrote those nasty words couldn’t do so if they knew him. If they sat in a pew (fine, we have chairs, but I like the imagery) and listened to him Sunday after Sunday, if they worked with him on a committee or had the privilege to serve with him on the Consistory, they would never be able to say such things.  Because they would see his heart and know his great love for God motivates each decision he makes and word he preaches and post he writes.

The obligatory, “He’s not perfect,” goes here. I’m not saying he is. I’m just saying anyone who knew him could not say the things they’re saying about him.  You want to challenge his conclusions? Fine. Take issue with his theology? Okay by me. Have an honest debate about why he thinks what he does? Go for it.  But to question his heart and character like some of the commenters have? Not. Cool.

I’m grateful he reaches as many readers as he does. And after reading his comments, I’m more thankful than ever for my readers and commenters. 

Here's the video that started it all: