Monday, March 14, 2011

Should have known better

A while back, Michael went through a phase where he put various objects in the light fixture in our entryway. Winnie the Pooh and different articles of clothing would simply appear. But after a while, nothing. I was sure it was the calm before the storm - I figured he'd put a in bunch of Matchbox cars or his collection of car magazines. But nothing happened. Quite honestly, I was surprised when I stopped seeing stuffed animals and pajama bottoms in the light; every once in a while I’d come out of my room just sure I’d see something left there by my very tall oldest.  But for over 18 months, nothing. I figured he'd passed on that phase. It was a fun little game that I was sad to see go. I suppose if it had caused a fire it wouldn't have been all that fun... but no fire, so still fun.

Turns out he only moved on from the light fixture phase.  Last week I noticed he chose the mantle for his new "hiding" place:

This is our family room.  Notice anything out of place? Let's get a closer look...

Ah, yes, it's our purple puppet hippo, perched on a paper towel roll. How about a side view?

Yep, it's Mr. Purple Puppet Hippo

I can only imagine what's next.