Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Game one done

I went to my first Amy soccer game last night. Thankfully it wasn’t raining. Or burning hot. Or freezing cold. All I’ve heard of soccer is that I’ll be miserable watching the games, so I’m thankful the weather cooperated. And I sincerely hope I haven’t jinxed the rest of the season.

My initial thoughts: dang, that field is humongous, and dang, they run around for a very long time without stopping.

Amy plays forward, which means something to people who know about soccer but nothing to me. All I know is she was on the far end of the humongous field, far away from me. I need to figure out where she’ll be before Thursday’s game so I can sit closer to her side. I know she’ll be thrilled.

One reason I’m not a fan of my children playing sports is because watching the games brings out the absolute worst in me. All I wanted to do yesterday was scream, “STOP HER! KICK HER IN THE SHINS!” But this is a Christian league, and more importantly, I am a Christian, so I made myself content with, “Go!” And I clinched my hands a lot. I had nail marks in my palms. I get entirely too invested in these games…

One fabulous bonus to going to the game is visiting with friends. I had no idea how many people I know have daughters on the team. So, yay for seeing friends.

And yay for my daughter trying something new. Out of all the teams (junior high, JV, varsity) she was the only one older than 10 who was playing for the first time. All the other girls her age have years of experience under their belts. She is brave, brave, brave.

I am still not 100% thrilled she decided to play soccer this season, but I am 100% impressed with my girl. She’s giving it her all, and unlike Michael, didn’t point to a single car in the parking lot the entire game.

Go, Green, go!