Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

It is stinkin’ hot in Michigan. Feels a lot like Georgia.

Later this week the kids are heading to Georgia to spend some time with all four grandparents. Man, they are going to roast.

Of course, Sean and I are going down to get them, so we’ll roast, too.  Can’t wait…

Sean had a pickup truck this weekend so we bought some mulch, and drove the truck with the mulch to the backyard. Our neighbor came out to question if Sean drove over her part of the lawn. (This is the same neighbor who offered to let us borrow her shovel and wheelbarrow so we could do some landscaping. Hello! We are adding mulch!) Thankfully the grass was so dry you could easily see the tracks and they were clearly on our side.

Some people don’t have enough to worry about.

Some people need more prayer.

I have to remind myself that I’m “some people” to someone. Or lots of someones.

The kids are continuing to cook up a storm in our home ec. class. Amy and Rebecca have enjoyed the experiment and have made several incredibly yummy dinners. Last week, Amy whipped up home-made spaghetti sauce for her night, and Rebecca made a chicken recipe from my Food Network magazine.  Michael, well, Michael’s having a hard time embracing the task. He continues to tell me he can live on Hot Pockets and Coke.  I love that kid. I want to beat him with a sauce pan occasionally, but I do love him.

I think Sean is surprised I haven’t started a countdown to the next Amy Grant concert. Well, I’ve started it (12 days) but I’m trying to contain my enthusiasm. He put up with enough of my fanaticism back in February.

As did all of y’all.

Speaking of y’all, listen to this clip of a woman who makes me feel right at home:


Happy Monday, y’all!