Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Read these, too!

I know this will be hard to believe, but there are other blogs out there. I mean, they don’t have thrilling stories of kids putting things in entryway lights (there’s a Nerf ball in the light as I type) or wives running into their husbands’ luxury cars. They sure don’t have the story of the author ticking off an artist’s manager thus ensuring she’ll never get a backstage pass ever again. No, you have to stay right here for all that electrifying info.  But I thought today, instead of regaling you with a story of how the latest cooking lesson went, I’d pass on a few of the blogs I’ve been perusing lately.

First, Stuff We Do authored by my friend, Sarah. Y’all, if I had preschool children I would read this religiously to get fantastic arts/crafts/enrichment ideas.  She’s a former teacher who knows how to speak preschool.  A favorite post: how she’s teaching her kids fractions (I know - a post about math that I like!). 

Another must-read for me lately is Jon Acuff’s blog.  He came to fame by authoring the Stuff Christians Like blog and has since added a blog all about writing and speaking. Love his down-to-earth advice.

And finally, MeMo, A cultural blog with Kyrie O'Connor. O’Connor is the Houston Chronicle's Deputy Managing Editor for Features and one of my favorite panelist on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Her blog has the same sharp wit she brings to the radio. And she often points out oddities of the English language, which I enjoy greatly.

So, while you’ll have to stay her to find out how not to apply self-tanner, you can check out these blogs for some great tips, good advice and fun stories.  Enjoy!