Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gotta match?

The perfect housekeeper I’m not. I can’t keep up with the dusting and the thought of cleaning the bathrooms leaves me with the strong desire to be anywhere but in close vicinity to said bathrooms. But the one chore I rarely get behind on is laundry. I realize this is out of necessity* but still, I do take some measure of pride that I rarely let my laundry room get out of control.

Okay, there was this time:

But that is not the norm.

Anyway, when I fold clothes, I inevitably end up with a stray sock here or there. I have no idea where the matches go, but I hold on to the ones I find, sure the match will show up one day. I put the strays in a bag, and every once in a while, I dump out the bag and look for matches.

Please, someone tell me I am not the only one who does this. And by “this,” I mean, hope that I find matches to my stray socks.

Last week I decided to try to find some matches and realized my stray sock pile had multiplied:

And I still had no matches.

These are the matchless socks I’ve held on to for, in some cases, years, which I know based on the size of the sock and the current size of the residents in my house. I imagine there’s something on Pinterest somewhere about uses for matchless socks, but I really just want to throw them away. I can’t, though. I hold out hope that the match will magically come along in the next wash.


Next time I am just going to throw them away. I really, really am. Really. I hope.

*Some would say cleaning the bathrooms should fall under the same category. I would agree, which is why I’m so thankful for Clorox wipes. Those get me a long, long time between deep cleans.