Monday, January 05, 2015

Random Thoughts, New Year’s edition

Today marks the day we close the door on Christmas vacation and head back to real life. Goodbye to visits with family, goodbye to sleeping in, goodbye to days with no schedules or classes or homework.

I’m not terribly fond of this day…

I have quite enjoyed seeing blank spaces on my calendar. The only things I scheduled over the last two weeks were a lunch with a friend, dinner with my college roommate and a date with Sean - a date to see Wicked!

Someone asked me how many times I’d seen the show. I honestly cannot remember. I’m not nearing Amy Grant concert-going numbers, but I’m in the double-digits now.

My Amy can thank that show for making me a musical enthusiast.

This is a point of contention between me and my family. I made the mistake, in a moment of excitement following the viewing of Annie at the Wharton Center this December, of uttering the phrase, “I like musicals.” What I wish I’d said was, “I like certain musicals.”

To be very clear: I do not like all musicals. I like certain musicals. Musicals like Wicked. Suessical. Titanic.

Unfortunately, Amy recorded me saying “I like musicals,” so I will never hear the end of this.

Despite this harassment, I’m happy we have a few more days with all three kiddos home. We’re trying to cram as much family time into these fleeting days as possible.

Sean made the mistake of telling Michael that he only has one more Christmas in school and one more long Christmas break– after that, he’ll be lucky to have Christmas Eve off. This thought did not thrill Michael. Or his mother.

I will definitely get as much family time as I can out of these days. Hopefully the kids will think putting away the Christmas decorations counts as family time and not forced labor.

Happy Get Back to Normal Day to you and yours! 

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