Friday, January 09, 2015

Who needs a laugh? I do!

So, it's been an off-week for writing. Michael went back to school yesterday, and Amy leaves on Sunday... trying to focus on the great Christmas break we had together and not on the fact that they won't be home for dinner on Monday.

Also, it snowed. A lot. A whole lot. And that didn't help my week all that much.

So let's have some fun. Like watching these people not drive well in snow. I wonder if the lady who rear-ended Sean yesterday is in here:

Concepts of what's a lot of snow vary from country to country:

Yeah...pretty much how this winter went...

What I hope to do later today:

Winter..haha. I see all of your "despise winter" post and thought of you when I seen this. Lol @Style Space & Stuff Blog McDaniel

Have a great weekend! And if you've got snow on the ground where you are, drive safely!

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