Wednesday, April 22, 2015

48 Hrs < 21 Yrs

You know those horrible labor and delivery stories you hear, like the mom who was 13 days overdue, finally got to be induced, was then sent home because it wasn't working, then went back to the hospital because it started to work, labored for 24 hours only then to be told she needed an emergency C-section because the baby’s heart rate was dropping? And that this was before cell phones so there was no way to contact the grandparents, who left the hospital mere minutes before the C-section decision was made – so messages were left on the answering machines for the grandparents to hear when they got home which meant they turned right around and headed back to the hospital – at midnight.

What those moms fail to then report is that while labor takes 24-48 hours, the payback for that kind of pain and anguish lasts a lifetime. Especially when that kid’s birthday comes around; they get to remind said child the agony involved in bringing him into the world. 

Good times, good times…

Today’s my opportunity to remind Michael about his birth story – the one told above – and to let him know that each moment of pain was 100% worth it. 

For 21 years he’s been a joy. I know, I know, all parents say this. But in our case it’s true. (Gushing mom alert.) He is a wonderful son. He has given us no grief, been a wonderful big brother to his two sisters who adore him and a fantastic friend to many. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

It’s Michael.

Happy 21st, son. We love you!

His first trip to the beach, Hilton Head, at three months old.

One of my favorite pictures, pre-Rebecca.

Toy Story goes way back with our family.

Celebrating his birthday with a cake from Amy's Easy Bake Oven.

At his first Detroit Auto Show.

With Rebecca in Chicago.

Pretending to be attacked by an owl at the World Owl Centre. That was fun...

With his favorite shower accouterments.

Thankful for the tall guy in the back - happy birthday, dear Michael!

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