Monday, August 03, 2015

Help me, Meg and Katie. You're my only hope!

Thankfully summer is here and Amy is not wearing socks with her sandals. I wrote about her style faux pas back in March. Some tried to convince me that look was in this season - just because some people think socks and sandals are "in" doesn't mean they're right. Because they're not. But true vindication came in comments from Meg and Katie, two of Amy's college friends who loved the post and completely agreed with me. Clearly these two young, stylish ladies' opinions would sway Amy and convince her to quit wearing socks with her Chacos.

Wishful thinking. The girl still thinks the sock/sandal combo is a go-to look for chilly temps. Where did I go wrong?

Meg and Katie, I think we may need to stage an intervention. Somehow, we are not being heard. Amy doesn't seem to understand that socks are for winter and sandals are for summer. And the two should not met.

Surely if the three of us keep working on her she'll come around. Right?

We can hope.

Meg and Katie with Amy this weekend at Meg's final performance of 
Footloose at Grand Rapids Civic. She did a great job as Ariel!

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