Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I call that wonderful!

Wicked's North American tour is in Greenville, South Carolina this week. My sister lives in Greenville, South Carolina. She took her family to see the show on Sunday – when she got the tickets six months ago she didn’t realize it was Super Bowl Sunday. Thankfully she got tickets for the matinee or she’d have been going without her husband and son. They all loved the show. Of course they did!

But Heather and her daughter, Megan, thought it would be fun to enter the Wicked lottery like Sean and I did when we were in Chicago because, really, once just isn’t enough.

(For each show, Wicked sets aside a few seats on the far sides of the front two rows that they sell for $25. Two hours prior to each show, hopeful-Wicked-watchers can enter their names in a drawing for a chance to win the opportunity to buy two of those tickets.)

Now, you have to understand that my sister and I just aren’t the types who win contests. We don’t have the lucky bones some seem to possess. But when I entered the lottery, I won! So when Heather said she and Megan were going to enter the lottery last night I had all the hope in the universe that if I could win, so could she. Unfortunately, she didn’t.

But Megan did!

They called Megan’s name, Heather bought the two tickets, and they were still screaming when they called me. As soon as I heard, “We won!” I joined the screaming! I couldn’t have been happier for them!

Heather called me from the theater as the orchestra played the overture. I got to hear Chistery’s monkey yell and the cast sing, “Good news! She’s dead!” It was wonderful.

My Wicked obsession has been passed on to my sister and my niece. My work here is done.