Monday, September 13, 2010

Charge 'er up! (And get 'er washed!)

You can say one thing about my boys: they are tried and true car guys. 

We were having lunch after church yesterday when Sean saw a new Chevy Volt drive by.  The Volt is not on sale yet, so this was the first time Sean had seen one on the road.  How he saw it in the three seconds it flew by I will never know.  Actually, I’m surprised I’m surprised.  This happens all the time – I really need to quit being amazed that he can name make and model when I only see a blur of colored metal whoosh by.

Sean and Michael were disappointed the car didn’t get stopped at the stoplight outside the restaurant, but wonder of wonders, after we finished our meal and walked to the parking lot what car was there?  The Volt.

We spent a good ten minutes looking at it from all angles.  Sean and Michael were hoping the owner would come out; Amy was mortified he would.  Sean kept reassuring her that the car was still GM property and it was perfectly fine for us to be looking at it in a public parking lot.  I was ticked he let it get so dirty.  Dude, you are driving GM’s pride and joy; get a dadgum car wash.

So last Sunday we were at an official car show; this Sunday, a very unofficial one in the parking lot of Los Tres Amigos. It’s nice to have two boys who are so easily entertained.  And two girls who don’t mind going along for the ride.