Thursday, April 30, 2015

Random Thoughts, Birthday Edition

Yesterday was my birthday: #45. When I called my twin sister to wish her a happy birthday, she reminded me that I’ll always be older than she is. She does enjoy those extra six minutes of youth. Gotta love little sisters.

I asked my mom how she felt having a 45 year old and she said it didn't seem possible. Michael turned 21 last week; I completely understand how she feels.

It was a regular Wednesday with Bible study and soccer and youth group – no time for a formal celebration, but everywhere I went, people wished me a happy birthday. That was very, very fun!

I also got a bazillion Facebook “Happy Birthday” notifications. Each message was a reminder of friendships, old and new. What a lovely thing to think about – I don’t think I’ll skip wishing someone HBD on FB again.

Sean and Michael were both out of town yesterday and I heard from them via text early in the day. But by 3, I still hadn't heard from Amy. I was beginning to think she forgot when I saw her blue Camaro driving up the street.

Her present to me:

She does love me. She really, really does.

Mrs. 45-Year-Old spent some time listening to Miss 19-Year-Old's favorite album, with the volume very, very loud:

Look at that temperature: 63! It was a beautiful, sunny day! No snow in sight. What a wonderful birthday gift.

After youth group, Amy, Rebecca and I went for a birthday ice cream. Missed the boys, but it was a great time with my girls.

Thanks for all the FB love, in-person hugs and well-wishes. For being a normal, hump day birthday, it was pretty grand.

Happy birthday to me!

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